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No Creampuff Am I Having Achieved The One Arm Chin Up For Repetitions!

Physical Strength Is Characteristically More Male Than Stereotyped Clothes!

Another Real Man

About Myself And Who I’m Looking For ---

Nonconformist multimillionaire in natural resources sector seeks WASP wife 28 to 39 no kids      (why not?) no smoking, five three and a half to 5’ 8” shoes excluded & under 140 pounds. Not you? $2,000 finders fee paid for referral that results in marriage! Woman I marry will designate recipient. No feed & grain store types; no hopeful monsters; no drunks, frizzy or boy haircuts; no religious fanatics or atheists. Never wear skirts and dresses? You’re out. Spike heels are unhealthy, you’re damaging your feet! Equate expression inhibited men with masculinity? You’re out. Prefer secure professional woman but open minded towards others. Can we convince each other? Recent photo & specifics including occupation to  info@dfwseekwoman.net & my info to you. Risk is limited to a few minutes of your time. Up to 2 week delay before reply. No reply = no go. In case of shared interest meeting will be arranged at safe public site. Women who ask men out have the advantage of not limiting their prospects, but rejection must be faced! Mutual background & health check before marriage. I own a chunk of the world’s largest holding company in its field & other assets so I can be particular. Financial profile will be documented. Gold diggers will be ID’d & DQ’d. Spartan lifestyle is not being offered, you have to have an optically perfect diamond (which I dabble in sorry no deals under 4 figures), some sizable rubies, and other luxuries not including furs.  Prenuptial agreement is a must but you won’t notice any lifestyle difference. Arrogant, cold, icy woman not wanted---I already have a freezer! Personality must exceed that of a cardboard box! You must possess the power of speech, I’m tired of women fixating on me and they can’t even make a faint noise! If you have an ex who’s been in the justice system don’t ring my doorbell! Cosmetic dentistry needs? I’ll pay for it and permanent diet of super anti-aging, anti-disease nutrients! 100% natural chest, please! I am not a cookie cutter replica of other men; I am individualistic if you want a suit & tie or blue jean, beer drinking pickup truck robot get one. If you want a giraffe who can get home by falling down don’t bug me. For orientation into my free thinking views see “A Curious Disease” at Search www.nytimes.com

Apollo Dance Troupe Tsamiko

View both items before contacting me. Unrestricted women = unrestricted men. Better still, click here for Skirts & Pants History and read it all so you can see that men are not wearing pants as a consequence of being male. Don’t decide before viewing the images below! Have you taken a psychology course? Disregard all of it, it’s misinformation. See “He’s So Original” profiles at www.skirt.com . I currently reside with a small pet dog and intend to start an area dance group modeled on various “Contra” dance groups in USA where men are free to wear skirts (if forming the group interests you, contact me!) When I attend church I always wear skirts; they’d be surprised if I didn’t. I also wear skirts (mostly ethnic) to dance presentations and other events. Then it’s back to lifeless “civilian” clothes. Don’t think you can change my conclusions and I won’t ask you to not wear pants! I always vote Libertarian and oppose “runaway government.” Difficult times are coming and I need a partner to help me face the future and someone I can help the same way. Mood Makers below!

And as for this one, oh my, notice 3:14 to 3:31---

Click Here For Skirts & Pants History

Both 100% Sex Neutral Garments!

Men Wear Pants Due To Social Forces; Not Because

Normal Male Brain Chemistry Determines It”

Scottish Males Happily Wear Colorful Skirts!

This Skirt Wearer Turned Over A Full Size Car On A Level Surface By Himself!

OK, It’s A Kilt, But Kilts Are Skirts (Hangs From Waist & Encloses Legs Together!)


Greek Males Wear Full Pleated Skirts! Including “Evzone” Soldiers In Athens!

Greeks Don’t See Skirts On Males As A “Threat To The Family Unit!”

Here I Am Having Fun Wearing A Greek Soldier Skirt!

Men In Skirts Is Sin? Luke 7:9 Christ Commended Roman Centurion For

Having The Greatest Faith! Those Soldiers All Wore Skirts!

The Archangel Michael---who cannot be “abomination to God” (Deuteronomy 22:5) and also cannot be “effeminate” (I Corinthians 6:9-10) is always depicted in a Roman soldier type skirt---

Can’t you understand that skirts & trousers cannot be sex differences, because they aren’t physiological differences?  But if they are physiological differences, skirts are more male appropriate, corresponding to men’s greater need for free space and freedom from restrictive trouser styles with unventilated crotch?  Shorts can’t be as breezy as skirts, and established fact is that male reproduction benefits from slightly lower temperatures.


Dr. Claude Mariottini, Professor of Old Testament at Northern Baptist Seminary posted images of ancient monuments depicting Hebrews with Egyptians and Hebrews with Assyrians.  All depict men in robes or skirts and there are no men in pants and very assuredly no suits and ties!  Again, pants are for horseback riding, manual activities and cold climates; it goes no deeper than that!  The only references to “breeches” are to priests in Leviticus and as UNDERWEAR not outerwear!  Additionally there is no reference to anyone wearing these other than the priesthood.

  states fact---

“For thousands of years in history we don't find pants and it is a relatively modern and culturally brief period of history where there was a distinction of pants only on men and dresses only on women.  There just are absolutely no standards in the Bible for men except the fact that a man is never to reveal his private parts in public.”

Macleans Magazine, May 1916, spoke of---

Scotch Highlanders who were as much intrigued over the petticoats of the Evzones as were the Greeks astonished at their bare legs.”

“Gorgeous Evzones, such picturesque persons whose EXQUISITE WHITE SKIRTS shot out from their waists WITH TRUE BALLERINA FLAIR!” British Journal of Nursing, August 1926 page 180.

Alexander The Great & The Romans---Big Time Killers--- Wore Skirts!

In “Greek Realities---Life And Thought In Ancient Greece” by Finley Hooper, chapter VII, “The Persian Wars and After,” (Wayne State University Press, 1967) page 157---

“The Persians wore trousers, and this, said Herodotus, was itself an unnerving sight to the skirted Greeks.  But if the defenders felt some trepidation about attacking these strange appearing invaders, they made the most of it.”

Pants are a male habit---not “biological determinism.”

USA Men At Many Contra Dances Are Happily Wearing Skirts!

Sexual Differentiation? Yes! He’s Also Wearing A Beard!

Transgenderism? No More So Than Women In Jeans!

Restroom Symbols Should Show Breasts Or Absence Of Breasts!

High Roman Catholic Clergy Wear What Can Be Called Dresses!

Policemen In Fiji Wear Skirts! No Female Impersonation Involved!

No, It Doesn’t “Have To Be A Kilt” Before Men Can Wear It!

He Has Facial Hair Also; She Does Not---A REAL Sex Difference!

Promotions seen by tourists ordinarily show only Hawaiian females in grass skirts; however, these are worn by both sexes, in the same way as hackneyed blue jeans (an aesthetic catastrophe) are worn by females as well as males---

Male Dervish Dancers In Egypt Wear Elaborate Dance Skirts!

If you find men in skirts shocking it’s only due to mass hypnosis! The Greeks and Romans considered men in pants shocking! Here’s what people used to say about women in pants:

“Dr. Walker denounced her arrest as another of the many outrages she had been subjected to by the police, and said that it was a continuation of A SERIES OF PERSECUTIONS.  The officer clapped his hand on her shoulder and insisted upon knowing whether she was a man or a woman, and she told him to go along and mind his own business.  The officer then ARRESTED her and DRAGGED HER THROUGH THE STREETS.”---New York Times, December 6, 1878.

Male attitudes on trousers were monopolistic, as are many female attitudes today towards skirts---

“There is something in me that springs into the breach when even OUR TROUSERS ARE THREATENED”---letter by T.J. Duffy to NYT, February 20, 1933, page 14.

Every time I ship a box of pants to the stores, I WORRY ABOUT WHO IS GOING TO WEAR THEM.”---“Problems In Pants” by Norman Norrell, Time Magazine, April 18, 1969 http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,844784,00.html

“Newspapers tried to stem the tide of liberated fashion and directed women employees to not wear pants.  Men wore skirted costumes for centuries.  Then men started riding horseback, so pants were more functional.”---“Pants Suited to Women in Offices,” The Office, December 1970, page 15-16

At http://chicagohistory.org/ see Evelyn Bross and a female friend at a Chicago police station on June 5, 1943, arrested for violating the city’s cross-dressing and public indecency ordinance by wearing pants!  She was ordered to see a court appointed psychiatrist for six months, just for wearing pants, which society viewed as for men only!  See how it’s a threat to civil liberties to allow “mental health professionals” to have input into what people—men included—choose to wear?  Chicago made arrests of women under that ordinance until 1978!  It was however amended, probably under Federal pressure related to women in pants in wartime factory employment, to allow women to wear pants if in the twisted opinion of bully police, their sex was apparent.  Laws mandating persons to provide accurate identification make sense, but telling people what they can or cannot wear is immoral interference in self determination.  If you aren’t free to choose what to wear, without duress from others, you are not in full control over your affairs!

Women in the 1960s could be harassed by police vice squads for having zippers in front center of pants---they were expected to have zippers on the side or at the rear as another alleged “sex difference,” and girls, after winning rights to wear jeans to class, could still be removed if they wore “boy” jeans---those with pockets in the rear (females were expected to always carry a purse and not use pockets) as still another alleged “sex difference,” when for generations the winner of a male versus male boxing match would win the “purse.”

http://www.gadling.com/2011/04/13/strictest-dress-codes-5-countries-with-fashion-police/#thankYou In North Korea today women who wear pants are punished by being sent to work camps.  Why is it assumed that discrimination applies only when females are restricted as to choice?

Male Dancers In Bhutan Wear Square Dance Type Skirts & Petticoats! Cross Dressing? Everyone Is Born Naked, Who Wears What Should Be Only The Decision Of The Individual, Because That Is Self Determination! No One Calls Women Cross Dressers For Wearing Pants, Because No One Is Trying To Stop Women From Having Choices! This Terminology Is Not A Fact---It Is A Strategy, A Strategy To Prevent Men From Changing! You Can’t Say Civil Liberties Are Only For The Female Half Of Society! Men Have Worn Skirts For Thousands Of Years---As Men Including The Egyptians & Early French Kings! Horseback Riding Over Many Centuries Gradually Put Men Into Pants—A Mongol Invention!

Other people control what we wear---UNLESS WE’RE FEMALE!  Men have no self determination in clothing! Fancy clothes, bright colors, frills, decorative shoes---are for females only?  Men should dress like undertakers, and women like tropical fish?  That’s extreme despotism against purely human expression if exercised by men!  Restricting men doesn’t make them more masculine!  It’s a tragic error to mistake inhibition as to expression with manliness!  British Beefeater guards dressed in medieval Tudor period costume dating to 1552---

Here I am luxuriating in another Southwestern style full skirt! Women wear pants and present as women; men can wear skirts and present as men. HOWEVER, people who don't care if a man lives or dies, yet suddenly when it comes to what he's WEARING, IMMEDIATELY they feel inordinate interest in suppressing anything not commonplace! ONLY MALES ARE TARGETED FOR RESTRICTION! You DON'T notice calls from the soulless "mental health" (social conformity) FACTION for people to bring their reactions under control and practice TOLERANCE; instead, they validate people's prejudice against change by maintaining usage of such defamatory terms as "transvestite" and "cross dresser." Even ethnic skirts worn by men are at risk! "What do transvestites wear in Scotland" is the DEMONIZED WISECRACK foisted by ASININE COMEDIANS on talk shows (who need to be slapped for disrespect)! WHAT REALLY NEEDS TO BE EXAMINED IS---WHY IS SOCIETY SO BITTERLY OPPOSED TO MEN HAVING FREEDOM OF DRESS?

The Times Magazine, London, October 9, 1993, page 70---

“What’s wrong with all these men who insist on hiding in their matching suits?  What are they afraid of?  That the perimeters of what men can wear and what they cannot, what is acceptable and what is not, HAVE BECOME SO NARROW GOES TO SHOW HOW INTOLERANT SOCIETY HAS BECOME.  AS A NATION WE ARE SCARED OF ANYTHING DIFFERENT.  If men cannot articulate their feelings, HOW WILL THEY EVER BE ABLE TO DEAL WITH A WARDROBE FULL OF POSSIBILITIES?

“The spirit of every age is reflected in its clothes.  MAN’S APPAREL NOW GIVES THE EFFECT OF DEPLORABLE UNIFORMITY.  Women discovered WHAT A TREMENDOUS ADVANTAGE IT WAS TO BE THE ONLY FIGURE IN THE LIMELIGHT.”  ---American Mercury, May 1928, pages 214 and 217.

Here I Am Below In Aqua & White! The outfit isn’t ethnic, but so what? Consider all the differences in ethnic styles above; they were all innovations, not established traditions, at some time in the past! American boys were wearing skirts & dresses with petticoats to age six till the early 1920’s including Franklin Roosevelt who became a three term President
http://entertainment.webshots.com/album/561793926MRPsxT?start=12 Is anyone saying women should limit themselves to a few trouser styles? If it fits, we can wear it! (That’s why bras are only for women!) Travel agents don’t tell men “Scotland is the only acceptable foreign destination for you,” DON’T blather about “kilts are the only skirts men can wear!” The FACT is men have external equipment that benefits from garments without an inseam or crotch! Only time a woman needs more space there is in childbirth! Medieval Vatican Swiss guards, as painted by Raphael in “The Mass At Bolsena” (1512) wore full multicolored skirts! English Beefeater guards at the Tower of London today wear very colorful, frilly uniforms, including shoes fancier than most women own!

“Celtic men were so fanatically committed to their skirts that, in spite of the most severe penalties, they kept the kilt alive in the Scottish highlands.  The business suit comes to seem a hollow shell.  It is the aggressive, trousers wearing men of science who have brought the world to the brink of environmental and spiritual crisis; suddenly, the so-called feminine characteristics are beginning to look like the answer, not the problem.”---Moira Johnston, “The Changing Silhouette and Social Role of Woman,” Journal of Home Economics, September 1974, pages 18-19.

Charles Again Wearing Other Similar Style!

Sexy If You Let It Be, Rather Than Considering It A Threat!

Worrying What Others Think Is No Way To Be Independent!

You Have Your Rights, How About Helping Me To Have Mine?

Letter to Ann Landers, F.W. Star Telegram, February 9, 1997, page G-4 stated---“How depressing to see today’s male fashion world CONTROLLED BY A HANDFUL OF ROBOTS AND IDIOTS. It would be refreshing to see American men revolt against the style master’s edict that a MONOTONOUS, DRAB, UNFLATTERING UNIFORM will be the only apparel available.”

Men Can Look Good In Skirts Just Like Women Can Look Good In Pants!

And It Does Take All Kinds!

Only because factory work in World War II put 17 million women into pants (an overriding social force---not an alteration in chromosomes--- that changed women’s habits) did women become free to “dress like men” by wearing pants!  The New York Times, April 29, 1910, reported the Attorney General of Kansas ruled a woman could wear pants!  Female secretaries in offices of Ford Motor Company defied managements rule that since they sometimes went near machinery they had to wear slacks, fought the rule by wearing dresses for three days and relented because “company officials refused to give them any work unless they went home and put on slacks,” NYT, June 11, 1943, page 16!  Women themselves opposed the adoption of trousers by their sex! Until women in pants became a majority, RELIGION and PSYCHIATRY opposed women in pants! (Women in pants were suffering from “permanent mental hallucination,” and asserted “trousers render the PATIENT altogether hideous, and any woman in a normal state of mind could not exhibit herself thus clothed without undergoing acute anguish,” NY Times, May 27, 1876, page 6!) They always equate the prevailing conformity with the “will of God” and “health.” Innovation? They are there to obstruct it! And No Blow Is Too Low That These Anti Christ Bubonic Plague Rodents Won’t Resort To It! More and more those who would dictate to others how to dress are playing with FIRE! A California hotel was hit with an $18,000 sex discrimination judgment for telling a man he could not be seated in their restaurant unless wearing a tie (Ann Landers, F.W. Star Telegram, April 27, 1997, page D-4). Ties crimp carotid arteries and pants often bind men just where they need more space! Only morons blindly accept tradition!

The opinions of ten thousand men are of no value, if none of them know anything about the subject.” --- Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor 161-180 AD

“Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know”---Michel De Montaigne 1533-1592 French author.

“The exact contrary of that which is generally believed is often the truth.”---Jean de la Bruyere, 1645-1696, French author.

"The bulk of mankind is as well equipped for flying as thinking."
-Jonathon Swift 1667-1745 Irish author

"Five percent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think." --- Thomas Edison (inventor 1847-1931)

“Happy is he who causes scandal.”---Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali, 1904-1989

The soft-minded man always fears change. He feels security in the status quo, and he has an almost morbid fear of the new. For him, the greatest pain is the pain of a new idea.” --- Martin Luther King Jr. 1929-1968

“The most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome”---George Orwell (1903-1950).

“NOT TO UNDERSTAND A MAN’S PURPOSE DOES NOT MAKE HIM CONFUSED” ---Master Po on “Kung Fu,” December 20, 1974.

“THE RIGHT TO BE  LEFT ALONE IS THE BEGINNING OF ALL FREEDOM”---Oliver W. Holmes (1841-1935), Supreme Court Justice

---letter to Fort Worth Texas Star Telegram (“StartleGram”), section A, page 27, June 28, 1992.

“AS WOMEN BEGIN TO LOOK LIKE AND IN A SENSE BECOME MEN” ---reference to women wearing PANTS, Christian Science Monitor, January 11, 1968, page 6.

"Human progress has never been achieved with unanimous consent. Those who were enlightened first are compelled to pursue the light in spite of others.” --- Christopher Columbus 1451-1506

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