The right stepchildren could be an advantage!  I’d love to have another Andrew Jackson or Joan of Arc as stepchildren.  The reality is many men express displeasure with the situation.  If I had my own to bring to a relationship, it would bring yours into “balance.”  Mine would aggravate you like yours do me, if negativity were the case.  If I go for a step kid deal, I’d be told “you have to pay for little Timmy since you’re the stepfather, but you can’t discipline Timmy because you’re not the real father!”  And there would be Timmy glaring at me as if to say, “You better be nice to my momma!”  Next I might hear from you, “Do I have to go to a social worker over this?”  So what happened to the biological father?  Was he beating little Timmy or slapping you around?  I don’t want him around either to have another terd to fend off!  You married a lousy SOB in the first place because you have no perception of what a man is like OR you WANTED a sorry bastard to start with!  One of the women who turned me down married an interstate kidnapper, she had three piglets by him then got divorced, admitting it was a mistake choosing him!  No nice guy like me did she want, nice guys are BORING!  Her high class parents told her he was worthless and she still married that sack of shit!  Unless I think little Timmy or little Barbara is going to become another Andy By God Jackson or Joan of Arc, you can keep your step kid deal.  I could always adopt a younger person of better moral quality.  Why aren’t women more thoughtful before they breed with someone?  A step kid deal could be a good deal but the averages say no.  If you’ve been a sow for another man I decline!  Unless you can show me some phenomenal IQ test he’s passed!  Due to the nature of my nonconformity a female stepchild deal would come closer to being possible than a male, but don’t think it very likely.

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